The first idea of a reactive target came in 1991 when John Green developed the Gnat, a radio controlled target system. From this came the realisation that shooters needed a hit recognition target which could be used with all different types of weapons, i.e. shotguns, air rifles, rim fire and centre rifles.

After some years of research and development the Firebird finally received Classification from the Health and Safety Executive in March 2010. The Firebird Target had to satisfy the requirements of the HSE whilst still maintaining the required sensitivity to react to relatively low velocity projectiles, such as air rifle pellets.

Firebird Reactive Targets Ltd as a sporting target for civilian recreational shooters, was launched in 2010, making their first public appearance at the CLA Game Fair of that year, as part of John Bidwell’s Trick Shooting Show. Sales have been steadily increasing since then and the journey has involved some steep learning curves which the team have endured and risen above and, most importantly, learnt from. The result is a company that is now on the brink of major distribution in Canada and the USA.

Even though it was launched in 2010 as a sporting target for civilian shooters, it was very quickly picked up by UK Police and Military as an instant hit reaction training aid that would enhance the shooter’s motivation to achieve accuracy. In 2013 Firebird Reactive Targets won the Best Shooting Accessory Award 2013!

Firebird Reactive Targets, as a result of the interest shown by the Police and Military, now supply a number of the specialist firearms teams within the UK Police and UK armed forces. In August 2013 there were used with great effect in the World Police and Fire Games SWAT competition in Belfast. As a result of the reaction received it was decided to look at further Firebird Reactive Target’s development and as a result Firebird Tactical was created. Firebird Tactical was officially launched into the American market place at the SWAT Roundup in Orlando in November 2013.

There are two principle models of Firebird Tactical, The SniperFire and the Milspec both of which have been
designed to provide specialist training systems to the Police and Military and is proving to be an unrivalled
revolutionary hit-recognition system.

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